• Application for the leaving certificate shall be submitted by the parents (with the signature of both, father and mother) / guardian, in the prescribed form available in the almanac page number 73. It should state the reason of leaving the school and proposed date of leaving.
  • The leaving certificate application must be submitted before 15th January of the academic year, else first term fees for the next academic year shall be charged.
  • When it is desired to withdraw a child, a month's notice shall be given in advance to clear the account and the transfer certificate shall be issued thereafter.
  • Students leaving school in the middle of an academic year shall be issued the leaving certificate with the remarks "Studying in Current Class". "Passed and Promoted" remarks will be given to only those students who have completed the academic year including the annual examination.
  • In case of dues, leaving certificate shall not be issued till the payment of all the dues.
  • A photocopy of the leaving certificate can be issued in case of emergency when the original is sent to the council for the counter signature.
  • Leaving certificate with counter sign shall be issued within a month's time or whenever received from the council.
  • If a student is unable to cope-up with our curriculum for 2 consecutive years, the principal reserves the right to ask the parent to withdraw the student from the school.
  • In case the behaviour of a parent or student is found to be inappropriate or undesirable, the principal has the authority to terminate the enrolment of the said student with immediate effect.
  • Student's admission will be cancelled for non-payment of school fees or irregular attendance without sufficient reason during or at the end of the term.