• Students are involved in conducting the daily assembly. They should fulfil the duties assigned to them. Use half or full A4 size paper for news, thought and GK questions.
  • Classroom and housewise soft board decoration and write up materials should be brought as and when assigned to them.
  • Students are equally responsible for the neatness of the classrooms, corridors and school campus.
  • Students should contribute interesting articles, travel experiences and anecdotes for the school magazine.
  • Senior students are expected to hand hold the juniors in all situations and at all times.
  • Students should immediately bring to the notice of the authorities of any misconduct, malfunctioning of equipments, mishaps or injustice they witness within the school.


  • Develop a teaching learning program that adheres to current curriculum council guidelines.
  • Provide students with a course outline and scheme of assessment at the commencement of the subject.
  • Ensure that assessments are fair, valid and reliable.
  • Maintain accurate records of student achievement and assessment.
  • Meet school and external time frames for assessment and reporting.
  • Inform students and parents of academic progress as appropriate.


  • Teach your child to "Let Go" and "Forgive".
  • Be a role model for your child.
  • As a parent, what can you do to stop private tuitions.
  • Discourage any approach for shadow tutoring by the school staff. Monitor the progress of your ward. Support in their endeavours to meet assessment requirements and deadlines.
  • Contact the school authority if you feel your child requires extra tutoring. Ensure that your child maintains a good cord of attendance, conduct and progress.
  • Provide a suitable study environment for your child.