Students Cabinet

Organization Structure

Students Cabinet

Committee / Positions

  • Head Boy | Head Girl
  • Sports Head Boy | Head Girl
  • Cultural Committee
    • Head Boy | Head Girl
    • 2 Members
  • Discipline Committee
    • Head Boy | Head Girl
    • 4 Members
  • House Committee
    • House Captain - 4x2 (Boy | Girl)
    • House Vice Captain - 4x2 (Boy | Girl)
  • Alumni
    • Preferably - Previous Year Head Boy / Previous Year Head Girl / Previous Year Cabinet Member
    • 2 Members

1. School has to be the biggest factor for the reason of success that I have come across in the real world. It's now that we realise the importance of the school's extracurricular activities that shaped us into who we are! It reflects not only in the academic records but also the body language, the choice of vocabulary and the magnetic personality which sets us apart from the rest.

I sincerely thank my school and the faculty for being there for me and moulding me into who I am today. It really made a difference in my actual career, in my interpersonal relationships and on my personality! Expressing gratitude won't be enough on how impactful school and its activities has been. I shall forever be grateful and would encourage the school to keep doing what it does - that is "Create Wonders".

Khushi Javia (Batch 2020-21)

2. My name is Ayan Panjvani. I was the Head Boy of the VPS School for the year 2022-23.

My experience being a head boy was great. I developed many skills and the most important one was leadership skills. My skills as a leader were enhanced with the School's liberal policy for the members of Student Cabinet offering us various opportunities during the whole year where we had to organise, plan and conduct small events as well as contribute in planning big of events like Annual Days, Funfair, etc. I was authorised to handle my whole team and work with coordination.

Our school also organised workshops for the cabinet team and other students as well. Those workshops were also very good and were taken by our Director Principal Dr Alpa S Kotadia and also some other guests. After our term, school invited us to address the new cabinet members and the significance of this was to be a true leader by hand holding the junior ones and mentoring them sharpening our leadership skills that we had developed throughout the year.

Overall the opportunity I got to be the head boy of the school was one of the best opportunities I have ever had in school and the experience was amazing. It also made us proficient as leader and developed us as a human being to handle any situation and make the right decision.

Ayan Panjvani

3. Studying in VPS was an amazing experience for me as a student. As an alumni, I miss the school activities and teachings. Some of the activities in school helped me to grow myself as an individual and nurture various good attributes in me. As of now, I'm in 2nd year BTech in Nirma University.

The qualities which I learned during school time still help me to excel myself. Such as punctuality, reaching classes in time and also keeping myself honest. As I was the House Captain in my 9th grade, it helped me to build up confidence and leadership qualities which has enabled me to speak up on a platform without hesitation and stage fear. This also helps me in giving presentations among a crowd with proper grammar and voice modulation.

The curricular activities such as essay writing and email writing also aided in writing professional emails right now and in later stages of my life as well.

Jay Panchal (Alumni Batch 2021-22)