Co-curricular, extra-curricular and co-scholastic activities:

  • Sports (indoor and outdoor) - to bring out leadership qualities, know the responsibilities and strengthen physical and mental health.
  • Yoga - to develop a sound mind in sound body and its flexibility by increasing concentration and confidence.
  • Karate - to develop confidence and concentration of the students to handle difficulties and make the students physically fit and strong.
  • Music and dance - for relaxation and recreation of mind, fun and joy in synchronization, rhythm and expression of emotions and to develop control balance and confidence.
  • Pottery - to get connected to the mother Earth and improve motor skills.
  • Thread and needle - to increase concentration and life skills.

Festivals and celebrations:

To reinforce values, awareness of culture, respect for all religions, joy of celebrating together and know tradition of different countries.

Field trips, picnics and tours (national and international):

To build confidence and inquisitiveness, exploring nature with fun and contextual learning beyond classroom.

Inter-house and inter-school competitions:

To build confidence and team spirit.

Lakshya air rifle shooting club:

Lakshya air rifle shooting range, the first of its kind in Valsad district was inaugurated at Vapi Public School (VPS) campus on 15th August 2016. Students acquire skills in observation, concentration, goal setting and sharp shooting by participating in it.

Nakhshatra astronomy lab:

Vapi's first ever astronomy lab at VPS was inaugurated on 28th February 2019 and integrated programme of teaching astronomy along with regular subjects was introduced in the curriculum. It gives them hands on experience and prepare them to be the future citizens of the Universe.

Model United Nation (MUN) - club based on mock parliament:

MUN was started at VPS in 2018 as an activity to simulate researching, public speaking and debating skills. Students from class VI and above enthusiastically participate in the activities of this club. It is to enhance their interest and develop them to be global citizens and future leaders of the World.

Best practises:

  • Teacher-student ratio - to impart quality education first.
  • Buddy teaching - to develop bonding among class students and accelerate learning.
  • Subject lab for classes I to IV - to foster learning through fun-and-play and hands on techniques.
  • Mentors for classes X and XII - to provide a guide to share the personal and academic weakness and strengthen the innate potential of students.
  • Assembly (weekly attributes) - for character building through the explanation of attributes.
  • Housewise display board - to encourage teamwork and enhance communication skills.
  • Safety week - to make our children aware and conscious citizens regarding safety of themselves and others.
  • Tea time talk - to direct our students towards positive and progressive society through motivational social interaction and take appropriate career decisions.
  • Annual theme-based function - to familiarize students with global culture and important social messages.
  • Exhibitions - to reflect our culture through integrated learning of different subjects.
  • Joy of giving - to understand the real meaning of 'being human'.
  • Birthday celebration - to respect and value Indian culture by celebrating the 'present moment' of our life and fulfil the society's duty towards an individual.
  • Complaint handling cell - to build up a strong bridge between school and society.
  • Grandparents day - to strengthen our Indian family roots bestowing love and care.
  • Mandatory courses for students and teachers - to enable VPites to survive in today's World with better emotional quotient.
  • Vibrant grandparents club - to create and develop/dedicate a platform for our senior citizens.
  • Community services (service learning) - to make students socially aware and culturally sensitive human beings and help build a pluralistic society.
  • Fun fair (a social pool) - students learn the essence of life like team work, marketing skills and other life skills.
  • Nutritious lunch - the school provides nutritious lunch to students to develop healthy eating habits.