System Driven School

Being a NABET accredited school, we meticulously follow system-based educational programs designed for the overall development of our students. To ensure a 360-degree verification, we've divided the entire program into 15 processes for easy management and accountability. Each process has designated ownership holders who work diligently to achieve their objectives and document them.

Human Resource Process

  • Ensure the proper utilization of Human Resources.
  • Provide professional development training to the staff.
  • Foster a healthy relationship between parents, students, staff and school management.

Admission Process

  • Provide equal educational opportunities to all children.
  • Ensure all necessary documents for new admissions are received and maintained in order.

Statutory Regulatory Affiliation Compliance Process

  • Maintain all affiliation records of the governing body.
  • Regularly update notifications from governing bodies.
  • Maintain records of safety equipment and relevant documents.

Curriculum Academic Program Process

  • Frame an academic program for holistic student development.
  • Ensure availability of appropriate resources for the program.
  • Prepare templates and time frames for smooth program implementation.

Teaching Learning Process

  • Develop students who are well-trained theoretically and practically.
  • Create a quality learning environment for active learning.
  • Foster responsibility and independence in students.
  • Ensure facilitators meet required standards through observation and analysis.

Resource Utilization Process

  • Maintain a stock register of resources and monitor their utilization.
  • Empower educators with available school resources and effective usage.
  • Evaluate resource use to enhance learning experiences and critical thinking.
  • To support the students with different learning preferences.

Assessment Evaluation Process

  • Check the achievement of learning outcomes.
  • Assess the effectiveness of the curriculum plan and its execution.
  • Formalize and standardize assessment tools and criteria.
  • Periodically evaluate students' understanding and propose remedial actions.

Health Safety Cleanliness Process

  • Provide and maintain a safe, clean and healthy learning environment.
  • Systematically maintain health records of students and staff.
  • Periodically review and update safety measures.
  • Ensure safety for all authorized visitors to the school.

Complaint Handling Process

  • Satisfy concerns of interested parties within the specified timeframe.
  • Allow complaint registration through VPS School App, phone calls, emails and personal visits to the HR office.
  • Resolve and notify complaints.
  • Parents are responsible for acknowledging and expressing satisfaction.

Social Ethical Moral Development Process

  • Work towards the holistic development of all students.
  • Instill moral values and ethics in students for global citizenship.
  • Develop proper attitudes and perspectives towards society based on social, cultural, moral and ethical values.
  • Compile records of curricular and co-curricular activities relevant to the school's mission.

Co-Curricular Extra-Curricular Activities Process

  • Plan physical activities for the physical strength development of all students.
  • Guide students in selecting and gaining skills in sports and games.
  • Provide opportunities for practice and participation in intra and inter-school competitions.
  • Inculcate qualities like sportsmanship, management, team spirit, responsibility, commitment and leadership.

Career Guidance Counselling Process

  • Provide information and guidance about career opportunities.
  • Offer guidance for stream selection after class X.
  • Provide counselling facilities for students.

Diagnostic Extra Support Process

  • Diagnose and provide support to students with learning difficulties.
  • Monitor and review their performance regularly.

Outsourced Process

  • Ensure the smooth functioning of all outsourced services.
  • Provide timely and nutritious food.
  • Arrange for safe pick-up and drop facilities.
  • Maintain satisfactory relations with vendors for positive growth.

Financial Resource Process

  • Provide adequate financial assistance for the institution's smooth functioning.
  • Ensure future developments are financially viable and well-planned.

At Vapi Public School, these processes form the backbone of our commitment to delivering quality education and fostering the holistic development of every student.