Annual Report


Greetings everyone,

"Udyamena Hi Sidhyanti Karyani Na Manorathaih |" This quote means that if one wants to be successful in life, one has to work hard. A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement. In other words as long as you are a spectator, you cannot change the outcome, you have to be a player to get desired results. Action oriented policy from the beginning of the journey as an educational institution has helped Vapi Public School to create several recognisable mile stones in its path of continual growth. Honourable chief guest Shri Vikramjit Singhji, respected trustee members, my mentor Lt Retd Col Vijay S Bedekar, parents, teachers, support staff and my dear students; I heartily welcome you all to the 18th annual day celebration of our school, "Yuganthar". Our students are already taking us through a journey of faith and beliefs, strategies and approaches through the mythological characters which in turn would help them to keep our mother Earth balanced. This effort, I hope will connect our students to the world of ancient culture and create an interest to learn about them, which is the need of the present.

Small daily improvements in strategies, pedagogies, continuous monitoring and regular assessment bring stunning results in academics.

We secured 100% pass result in both ISC (class XII) and ICSE (class X) exams conducted in 2018 and the toppers were Hitarthi Vora in science, Urvi Dugar in commerce and Sonika Rajoria in ICSE. Here I congratulate Sonika Rajoria for securing 100 out of 100 in computer science.

I would like to mention that every year at least one of our students clear JEE to get admission in IIT and this year it was Piyush Saini who got the merit and I am happy that the number of achievers are steadily increasing. Now as our teachers too are going for board corrections, we are able to guide them better and better each year. Students need to pay better attention to teachers guidance and follow them diligently.

Aptitude tests and career guidance is a regular part of academic planning that helps students to recognize their area of interest, study pattern, choose the stream wisely and understand the scope they have in future for satisfactory careers.

In this context, I would like to mention that our first batch of humanities stream will appear for their ISC board in February 2019. We wish them an excellent success!

Another good news for students and parents is that now our students have the additional subject option in group II from class IX itself. Added options are economics and environment studies.

Our students achieved new heights in sports and games tournament this year in different feats at district, state and national level in both khel mahakumbh and SGFI. Tanishq Kamli of class X won silver medal in kudo championship in SGFI at national level.

Our students reached national level in several competitions conducted by ASISC meets and Harsh Tripathi of class XI represented NWR in national level football tournament. His team secured 3rd position and won bronze medal.

Life skill development is the need of present education and we have included several skills in our yearly academic programme from the beginning of the school. As you know we have clubs and workshops for students, parents and teachers for developing individual skills, creating awareness in different school related areas and teaching skills.

We have sexual health and well being programme for classes I to XII.

We have happiness and mindfulness programme for students and teachers.

We organised a carnival with Disneyland as theme for children under 7 years at our regional campus which brought a thumping review from both parents and children.

New changes we brought this year include better use of our application to be more eco-friendly. We use it for:

  • Circulars | Notifications
  • Units | Terms - Results
  • Students | Teachers | Parents - Feedback

Parents, kindly do send your feedback timely on the links send to you.

The weight of the school bag has been a great concern for us. That is why we had introduced worksheets for maths in classes I, II and III. Further additions are being planned. Perforated notebooks are another change we want to introduce from class XI onwards. Termwise textbooks is one more solution and tablets are also under consideration. Parents' positive support will help in implementing the changes in speed post pace for the academic year 2019-20.

Now let me announce the greatest achievement of the year 2018-19. That is none other than the NABET accreditation we received this year from quality council of India. In the pursuit of continual excellence to standardise the systems, the school decided to go for NABET accreditation. For that purpose we divided the school system into 14 processes with competent process owners, their teamwork has brought this achievement.

Before I end my report, I would like to appreciate my mentor Lt Retd Col Vijay S Bedekar, trustee members for giving me unconditional support and inspiration, students, parents for their partnership, teachers for their sincere effort and support staff for their dedicated help. An advice given to Indira Gandhi by her father Jawaharlal Nehru is a constant inspiration for me. In life one will come to many diverged roads and the choice one makes is very important. One road may be easy and crowded and the other will be tough and alone to travel. What one chooses is that makes all the difference. To conclude I quote: "Challenges are what makes life interesting, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."

With warmest wishes for a productive year ahead,

Ms Alpa S Kotadia - Director Principal