School Processes

Purpose Of The Systems

Being a NABET accredited school we follow system based education programmes designed for the overall development of our students. For that we need to ensure a 360 degree verification. Hence we divided the entire programme into 14 processes for easy management and accountablility. Each process has ownership holders who work to achieve their objectives and document them.

Human Resource

  • To ensure proper utilization of Human Resource, provide professional development trainings to the staff and help in maintaining the work culture.
  • To maintain healthy relationship between parents, students, staff and management of the school.

Admission Process

  • To give equal opportunity of education to all children.
  • To make sure that all necessary documents are received and kept in order of all new admissions.

Statutory Regulatory Affiliation Compliance Process

  • To maintain all the affiliation records of the governing body of the institution.
  • To update all the notifications of all governing bodies and inform the relevant departments.
  • To maintain records of all the safety equipment's and their documents.
  • To do the updating as and when required.

Curriculum Academic Program

  • To frame an Academic programme that caters to the holistic development of all students.
  • To make sure that the tools and resources are available, appropriate and adequate for that purpose.
  • To prepare necessary templates and time frames for the smooth implementation of the planned programnes.

Teaching Learning Process

  • To develop students who are well trained both theoretically and practically in accordance with the current needs of the global society.
  • To build a quality learning environment so that students are willing to learn more actively and enjoy their learning with constant development.
  • To make students responsible and independent learners.
  • Help them to reach the age appropriate learning levels.
  • To ensure that facilitators are meeting the required standard through observation and analysis of their performance.
  • Suggest for the educator's PD needs if required.

Resource Utilization

  • To maintain the stock register of resources and check its utilization.
  • To provide information to all educators about the resources available in school and promote their use.
  • To evaluate the use of the resources to clear concepts and create interest in students.
  • To check the resources are appropriate to enhance learning experience.
  • They are effective to invoke interaction among students and assist teachers and students in the teaching learning process.
  • To make sure the resources are used to develop students' critical thinking and curiosity to learn.
  • To support those students with different learning preferences.
  • To check periodically whether the different labs and library are maintaining their records and its utilization is recorded.

Assessment Evaluation Process

  • To check the achievement of learning outcomes of each sections.
  • To assess the effectiveness of curriculum plan and it's execution.
  • To assess teaching and learning effectiveness.
  • To formalise and standardise the assessment tools and criteria.
  • To evaluate the understanding of the students periodically.
  • To analyse the learning outcome of all classes and suggest improvement, where-ever necessary.
  • To propose for remedial actions to fill the gaps.
  • Make plans to enhance the teaching and learning for the next session.

Health Safety Cleanliness Process

  • To provide and maintain a safe, clean and healthy working and learning environment for staff, pupils and parents who visit school.
  • To ensure health records of students and staff are maintained systematically.
  • To review safety measures periodically and update them as per the requirement.
  • To ensure safety is provided for all authorized visitors to the school.

Complaint Handling Process

  • To satisfy concerns of interested parties within the time frame.
  • Registration of complaint can be done through phone call, email and personal visit to HR office.
  • Complaint will be resolved and notified.
  • It is parent's responsibility to acknowledge and give satisfaction level by either a phone call, email, personal visit or a link provided by HR.

Social Ethical Moral Development Process

  • To work towards holistic development of all students.
  • To indoctrinate moral values and ethics in students to execute one's duties as the members of one world family.
  • To provide students the atmosphere to develop proper attitudes and perspective towards the society, based on social, cultural, moral and ethical values.
  • To determine, review, monitor and compile all the records of the curricular and co-curricular activities, that are relevant to school's mission and help the school to move in a strategic direction to achieve the intended goals and vision.

Co-Curricular Extra-Curricular Activities Process

  • To plan physical activities to develop physical strength of all students.
  • To guide each student to select and gain skill in sports and games of their choice safely.
  • To provide opportunities to students to practice their skills and participate in intra and inter school competitions.
  • To inculcate qualities like sportsmanship, management, team spirit, responsibility, commitment and leadership.
  • To instill good physical health is important to have good mental health.

Career Guidance Counselling Process

  • To provide Information and Guidance about career opportunities in all fields.
  • Guidance for selection of stream after class X.
  • To provide Counselling facility for students.

Diagnostic Extra Support Process

  • To diagnose and provide support to the students with learning difficulties.
  • To monitor and review their performance regularly.

Outsourced Process

  • To ensure the smooth functioning of all outsourced services.
  • To arrange for and maintain timely and nutritious food to enhance students' health.
  • To arrange for and provide timely pick-up and drop facility to ensure parent-student safety and time management.
  • To arrange for and provide healthy environment, securing related services from vendors, releasing timely payments.
  • To maintain satisfactory relations with the consented persons for positive growth in future.

Financial Resource Process

  • To provide adequate financial assistance required for the smooth functioning of the institution.
  • To make sure the future developments are financially viable and well planned.